Absinthe Accessories
Absinthe Accessories

Absinthe Accessories

Absinthe Accessories include Absinthe spoons, glasses, fountains, pipes and decanter. You need these accessories to drink Absinthe the authentic way. As Absinthe is a historical spirit, it should be prepared with these accessories. The Green Fairy simply deserves it! If you instantly want to buy an Absintheglass, Absinthespoon, Absinthefountain, Absinthepipe or maybe a bottle of real Absinthe, just visit the ALANDIA Absinthe store. They ship worldwide and offer authentic accessories at good prices.



Absinthe Accessories, why you need to buy them:

If you prepare your Absinthe the traditional way according to the French Absinthe ritual you have to pour approx. one shot (3cl) of Absinthe into the Absinthe glass. Then you put the Absinthe spoon on top of the glass and put one or two Absinthe sugar cubes (depending how sweet you like your Absinthe to be...) on the Absinthe spoon. Now you need some ice cold water, which is preferably stored in an original Absinthe fountain (our favorite Absinthe accessory). These are big water dispenser with spigots at the side, to let the cold water drip into the Absinthe. It has to be done in the way, that the sugar dissolves, when the thin beam of water hits the Absinthe sugar cubes. After approx. 1 minute your Absinthe is prepared. The green Absinthe mixes with the water and starts to louche, it gets white. This is the magic effect... Overall the description of the Absinthe ritual shows you why you need proper Absinthe accessories. They complete the magic of the Absinthe ritual. Therefore spend some money won the righ Absinthe accessories, it will bring fun and pleasure to your life!


The Accessory Absinthe Fountain

Absinthe Fountain

A traditional Glass Fountain

The Accessory Absinthe Spoon

Absinthe Spoon

A traditional Absinthe Spoon

The Slipstream Absinthe Pipe

Absinthe Pipe

The Slipstream Glass Pipe


Where can I buy Absinthe Accessories online?

The best way to buy premium acessories is to visit the accessory store ALANDIA. They sell original accessories at good prices. They also offer the Slipstream Glass Pipe. The pipe ritual is really fascinating, as it creates a very nice louche. You can buy the Slipstream Pipe in their accessory section in the online store. Below you can see a video showing you how to prepare your Absinthe using a Slipstream glass. ALANDIA was founded in 2001 and serves the Absinthe Community worldwide. They ship using fast and reliable Airmail, or if you need your accessories in lightning speed you can also upgrade to Courier Express shipping.


Drinking Absinthe with a fountain:

We just described in words how you prepare your glass of Absinthe with the right accessories. But pictures say more than thousand words. Therefore we have made video for you, which shows you how to drink a glass of Absinthe using an Absinthe fountain:



Absintheur Reviews about the ALANDIA Absinthe Accessory Store:

„Reliable and fast shipping. Great selection and even gummybears were delivered :-), thanks, will come back!"

Jess from USA

„I like the classic absinthe spoon, because it is cheap and good. Next investment is a proper glass with a reservoir! “

Stefan from Italy

„Guys, topnotch service! We served the Green Fairy on our wedding and everyone was so excited. The founatin was the eyecatcher of the night! Will send you photos soon!“

Gary from USA


Buy Absinthe online at the world´s #1 source for Absinthe and Accessories. Buy at ALANDIA, your trusted partner in the World of Absinthe serving the Absinthe Community since 2001.


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